From Punk To Politics. An exclusive and private tour of central Reykjavik with former mayor, Jon Gnarr.

About the tour:
The day might begin at Höfði house, where Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbatsjov famously "ended" the cold war between the USA and the USSR. Höfði has long been the place where the mayor of Reykjavik meets his honorable visitors, so it is a grand opening in that sense. From there, most likely we'll be headed down to Hlemmur, formerly the central bus station of Reykjavik, where Jon used to hang with other "punk-rockers" exloring life as anarchists and other things that "punks" do. (Hlemmur is now a "food-hall" with different small restaurants). From Hlemmur, the group will go through "downtown" Reykjavik with Jon in freestyle mode. The tour might likely end at the City Hall of Reykjavik, where Jon Gnarr was king of the castle as mayor of Reykjavik for four years. 

During the trip, Jon will show you some of his favourite spots in central Reykjavik while answering questions about his journey "from punk to politics", and whatever him and his guests are interested in discussing that particular day.

Duration: 3-4 hours

What to bring: Just be dressed warmly enough, and if you have one of Jon's books he could sign it for you on the trip.


For a tour of up to five persons whether individuals, couples, or up to maximum five people together,  USD 4800 is the tour price.

In the case of larger groups, 5-10 people, the price is USD 1000 per person.

As well as the tour itself, the price includes pick up an drop-off from Keflavik airport or the Reykjavik area if needed, as well as food and drinks during the tour.

The tour is subject to change and include surprise stops and/or visits. 

Please note: This tour is only available upon request by email, and is not done on daily basis. 

For bookings and/or further information please contact :

"a cross-dressing poet, punk rocker, comedian, and self-described anarchist"

"Certainly my favorite mayor. No competition, in fact."
Noam Chomsky

"Jon Gnarr, the comedian who saved Iceland from political and financial catastrophe"
The Independent:

"Jon Gnarr, the comedian who became mayor."
The Guardian: 

"The World’s Most Interesting Mayor"
Twisted Sifter

“Jón Gnarr has given the mayor profession a new human earnesty with radical stand-up style, and has chiseled away the stagnancy in that post with explosive humor.”