Iceland Unplugged offers a selection of standard tours that we have put together based on our most-in-demand tours, private tours put together with our customers based on their interests and last but not least special expeditions that take up to seven days and are offered “in-season”. Pick a tour and get in touch with us through

standard tours

Our own take on the most popular tourist destinations in Iceland. Involves at least a couple of extra stops at our favorite sweet spots, away from all crowds. Knowledgeable guides, personal service and refreshments included. Our Standard tours are well above the standard.

From Punk To Politics. An exclusive and private tour of central Reykjavik with former mayor, Jon Gnarr.

Jon will show you some of his favourite spots in central Reykjavik while answering questions about his journey "from punk to politics", and whatever him and his guests are interested in discussing that particular day.


Let us create your best ever-private tour based on your interests, time and appetite for adventure. Private tours are especially a great value for families, groups of friends and individuals with specific aims such as photographers etc. We also do location scouting for Filmmakers. Drop us a line and lets start planning your dream vacation


One of the magical moments in the Icelandic winter is to witness the northern lights dancing across the sky. A northern lights hunt with Iceland Unplugged includes a top private guide, a luxury 4X4, exquisite refreshments and assistance in setting up your camera for capturing the Aurora. We offer door to door pickup and drop off, and never have more than four passengers per vehicle. Our refreshments include hot Cacao, Austrian Stroh rum, French Champagne with Strawberries, Macarons, and Icelandic beer.

Special expeditions

Splitboarding or mountain skiing in May, mountain biking single-track trails in August, a mid-summer motorcycle trip in July, a Land Rover convoy across the highlands in September. These are some of our special expeditions that we offer to a limited number of participants, at special times of the year. Send us an email to get further information at